Presentations 101: The Importance Of Images

The images you choose to use in your presentation will make or break it. That sounds drastic but trust us, the pictures up on the screen are going to either hold your audiences attention or make them pull out their phones and tune you out. In the last 5 years, we have seen a massive transition from text-heavy slides to image-rich slides. So the images you use hold even more weight than they did before. Follow these three guidelines when choosing the images for your next presentation:

Use High-Quality, Compelling Images

Not all images are created equally. You are better off not using any images instead of using low-quality, blurry, or just straight up boring photos. What do we mean by boring? We mean those cheesy stock photos with the white background. There are tons of great stock photography sites now! Our favorite places to find images are Pix + Post, Unsplash, and Pexels

Whether you’re using a graph or photo, your images should be compelling. Graphs and charts should be simple, legible, and not distracting from your topic. The goal with all images is to support your main points with a visual element, not be the main focus. You as the presenter are the main focus.

Limit 1-2 Images Per Slide

Don’t go image crazy! Adding a bunch of different visuals to one slide is sure to make your presentation look messy and unprofessional. It’s much more impactful and visually appealing to use one large, high-quality image as opposed to a bunch of small ones.

Keep It Consistent

Giving a presentation is like telling a story, it should flow from one slide to the next. The images should do the same. Too much variation will break up this flow and lose your audience. Graphs and charts should be in your brand colors and created in the same style, and your images should look cohesive next to each other.


Don’t have the time to design your next presentation? We can help!

Have any other tips when it comes to using images in presentations? Leave them in the comments!

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