3 Tips To Nail Your Next Sales Pitch

Your next sales pitch could be the beginning of a new and fruitful business relationship. Or, you could never hear from them again. Companies of all types are inundated with the newest product, technology, or service that is supposedly going to change their business forever. Read these three tips on how to stand-out from the competition and nail your next sales pitch:

Have A Compelling Deck

The people you are pitching to did not take time out of their day to read a thousand facts about your product. They came to hear how you can help them. Having a messy, poorly-designed presentation is a sure way to lose your audience’s attention and excitement. Your deck should be there to support you, not to be the star of the show. Provide clear, high-quality visuals that back up your points. 

Connect With Your Audience

This sales pitch is not about you. It’s not about how much you love your company, product, or service. It’s about your audience, and how you are there to help them. Ask your audience questions, listen to their needs, and respond with empathy. Humans want to build trust (especially in business) and this comes from feeling understood. The more you bring them into the conversation, the better your chance of landing the deal.

Follow Up & Say Thank You

One of the easiest steps that so many people miss is the simple, “thank you.” Recognizing that your audience took time out of their busy schedules to listen to you will go a long way. A sincere email will do the job, or take it a step further and send a hand-written letter. This will also help reinforce yourself and your pitch in your audience’s minds after the pitch is over.


There you have it. Let us know what your favorite sales pitch tips are in the comments!

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