Presentations 101: Know Your Audience

Whether you’re talking to your team, presenting a big sales-pitch, or speaking in front of a huge group of strangers, knowing who is in your audience is the key to delivering a powerful presentation. The most important question to ask yourself when preparing a presentation is: Why is my topic important to my audience? Your audience is there to hear you speak for a reason, so establish what that reason is.

Who is in your audience? Do your research.

Before showing up, do some research. Having a team meeting? Create an outline of topics that need to be discussed. Ask your employees or coworkers what they want to focus on so that everyone can be on the same page. Giving the biggest sales pitch of the year? Do your due diligence, and learn about the company you are pitching to so that you can make personal references on how your product will help them. Giving a speech at a conference? Really consider the point of the conference and why your audience bought tickets and showed up to your talk in the first place.

Why are they there? Learn your audience’s pain-points.

Finding out what your audience’s problems are is crucial to a speech that connects. Get down to the roots of why they dedicated their time to listen to you speak today. Once you have established what your audience’s pain-points are, you can shape your content around those problems so that you can make that real connection.

How are you going to help? Solve their problem.

Now that you have identified your audience’s problem, tell them how you will fix it. This is why they are there, so it is important to deliver this solution. End your speech by explaining to them how your product, service, or message is the answer to their prayers.

Next step: ask questions.

Engage your audience! The best way to find out if you have effectively hit the key-points is to ask them. Ask them what else they need? What more information can you provide? How can you follow up after the presentation? Don’t let your speech end after your last slide. Bring your audience in so that they feel a part of the conversation.


We hope this post was helpful for preparing your next presentation. If you have any presentation tips that have helped you in the past, let us know in the comments!

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