5 Presentation Trends of 2017

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Gone are the days where presenters add a ton of information to their presentations. The most effective speakers realize that their deck is there to support them, not do the work for them. Adding single statements, images, or graphics that assist the speech result in a much cleaner, visually-appealing presentation.

High-Quality, Striking Images

This year, speakers have been stepping up their visual game. We have said goodbye to the cheesy, staged, stock photos everyone has seen a million times, and have welcomed high-quality original images. Humans are extremely visual creatures. Images have the potential to evoke strong emotions in your audience, which leads to greater impact. Strategic planning of powerful images can take your presentation to the next level.


Using Icons

We saw the use of icons greatly increase in 2017. Think of them as the new bullet points. These small graphics are universally understood and portray ideas to your audience in a clearer, more concise manner.


Creative Template Designs

Losing your audience’s attention is getting easier and easier. As we become more inundated with information, our attention spans are shortening. Successful speakers realize that the out-dated presentation designs do not cut it anymore. They are looking to designers for creative slide designs that hold an audience’s attention.

Adding Personal Graphics and Illustrations

If you’ve heard us say it once, you’ve heard us say it a million times: It is all about branding. Reinforcing your brand to your audience is priceless. In the last year, we have seen brands insert their fonts/colors into distinctive graphics and illustrations. This unique touch will help keep you in the forefront of your audience’s mind well past the end of the presentation.


Are you interested in creating a successful and attention-grabbing presentation, we can help! Contact us today to get started!

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